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high performance IKO CF 3BUU bearing

We Are Here to Provide You Awesome Products Always

Japan Iko Bearings Cf16vbuu Cam Follower Bearings Cf16buu

Japan Iko Bearings Cf16vbuu Cam Follower Bearings Cf16buur , Find Complete Details about Japan Iko Bearings Cf16vbuu Cam Follower Bearings Cf16buur,Cam With cylindrical outer ring. With crowned outer ring. With cylindrical outer ring. 3. CF 3 BR. CF 3 B. CF 3 BUUR. CF 3 BUU. 4.3. 10. 7. 3. M 3*0.5. 4. CF 4 BR.

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Oil can be supplied from the stud head portion of IKO Cam Follower with Hexagon Sockets. It possesses high rigidity and accuracy as guide roller for follower bearing and linear motion of cam mechanism so it is broadly used in machine tools, industrial robots, electronic parts and OA (Office Automation) equipment.

Structure and Featur

CF. High carbon steel made. Solid Eccentric Stud Type. Cam Follower. CFES. Eccentric Type. Cam Follower. CFE. Stainless steel made. High carbon steel .. assembled bearing outer ring (Max.) unit: μm. Table 3.2 Tolerances and allowable values of outer rings (Miniature CFS series). ∆Dmp. Single plane mean outside

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シールなし. シール. . . . タップ. ドライバ. Note: For information on NTN's small-diameter products, see the sections describing products provided with a hexagonal socket. )NTNはきのをください。 NTN. IKO. THK. NSK. KOYO. INA. TORR. Mc.GILL. Note: / ). CF 3. ━━━.

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Nov 13, 2015 Bearing Model. With cage. Full complement. Crowned outer ring Cylindrical outer ring Crowned outer ring Cylindrical outer ring. Standard Type Cam CF 3 BUU. CF 4 BUU. CF 5 BUU. CF 6 BUU. CF 10 B. CF 10 BM. CF 10-1 B. CF 10-1 BM. CF 12 B. CF 12-1 B. CF 16 B. CF 18 B. CF 20 B. CF 20-1 B.

THK CFH6UURA Cam Follower Needle Roller Bearing Heavy Du

CF 3 BR, CF 3 B, CF 3 BUUR, CF 3 BUU, 4.3, 10, 7, 3. CF 4 BR, CF 4 B, CF 4 BUUR, CF 4 BUU, 7.4, 12, 8, 4. CF 5 BR, CF 5 B, CF 5 BUUR, CF 5 BUU, 10.3, 13, 9, 5. CF 6 BR, CF 6 B, CF 6 BUUR, CF 6 BUU, 18.5, 16, 11, 6. CF 8 BR, CF 8 B, CF 8 BUUR, CF 8BUU, 28.5, 19, 11, 8. CF 10 BR, CF 10 B, CF 10 BUUR, CF 10

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CF…B. These are the basic bearing models in the Cam Follower series. Size variations from 3 to 30 mm in stud diameter are available. Double Hex Hole Cam Crowned outer ring. Cylindrical outer ring mm g mm. N・m. N. N. N. 3. CF 3 BR. CF 3 FBR. CF 3 B. CF 3 FB. CF 3 BUUR. CF 3 FBUUR. CF 3 BUU. CF 3 FBUU.

IKO Cam Followe

the needle roller bearing. Therefore, the maximum allowable static load that is lmited by these strengths is specified. Material. No symbol. F. High carbon steel made. Stainless steel made. Model number. CFS. CFS…W. CF…B. CF…WB. CF…WB…/SG. CFES…B. CFE…B. CF-RU1. CF-FU1. CF-SFU…B. NUCF…B. CR…B.

Capilube Bearings with solid lubricant o

Capilube bearings. Most suitable for applications of printing ma- chines, food-manufacturing machines, liquid crystal/semiconductor manufacturing equip- .. CF 8 W B UU R /SG. Min. Max. CF 6. WBUUR/SG. CF 8. WBUUR/SG. CF 10 WBUUR/SG. CF 10-1 WBUUR/SG. CF 12 WBUUR/SG. CF 12-1 WBUUR/SG. 5. 5. 20. 25.


CF-SFU···B. 6~20 mm. Heavy Duty Type. Cam Follower. NUCF···BR. 10~30 mm. C-Lube Cam Followers are bearings with prepacked thermosetting solid lubricant CF 3 BUU. CF 3 FBUU. CF 4 BUU. CF 4 FBUU. CF 5 BUU. CF 5 FBUU. CF 6 BUU. −. CF 8 BUU. −. CF 10 BUU. −. CF 10-1 BUU. CF 12 BUU. −. CF 12-1 BUU.