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INA GAR15-DO bearing Excellent Quality in Thailand

We Are Here to Provide You Awesome Products Always

Spherical plain bearings, plain bushes, rod ends: 2

geometry allow spatial adjustment motion. The bearings can support static loads and are suitable for tilting and swivel motion. They can compensate for shaft bearing technology. Please contact INA for a copy of this CD. Schaeffler KG. Herzogenaurach (Germany). Spherical plain bearings, plain bushes, rod ends

BHP results show plans for building foundations are bearing fruit: C

6 days ago Andrew Mackenzie discusses BHP Billiton's latest earnings.

Americans Don't Have the Right to Bear Just Any Arms - Newswe

Jul 16, 2015 The best man in a wedding party, who all declined to be identified, holds an AR-10 rifle he was handed on the steps of the capitol before a rally Caught in the middle are the majority of Americans who think people should be allowed to keep guns but seesaw over tougher laws regarding those weapons.

Best AR 15 Trigger - Top Five Trigger Kits Reviewed & VIDE

Mar 24, 2015 Upgrading to the Best AR 15 trigger can be a quick change big improvement in your shooting accuracy. Here are 5 quality trigger kit options for Even though lots of AR shooters can't wait to drop in a new trigger, there's a lot to be said for the plain-Jane, factory original. Yes, sometimes you get a creepy or

Keep Your AR-15 Clean and Ready! - Full30.c

Jul 24, 2015 It's the cheap stuff from Wal-Mart "Super Tech." It's NLGI No 2 Red Wheel Bearing Grease. Why does it have to be lithium? I do know that mixing different greases can be bad.posted 3 years ago. displacer· 0 points · I live in Missouri where we get weather like that every now and then, and in one of our more

The Lethality of the AR-15 - The Atlant

Nov 9, 2017 It should only be used on fur bearing animals where you specifically don't want to do much damage. And when a 16 yr old kid starts hunting deer he better have learned that an AR 15, shooting .223 Remington calibre, is ILLEGAL BECAUSE IT LACKS KILLING POWER and leaves wounded animals.

AR-15 Rifle Owners Are Not Welcome at This Maine Restauran

Jun 16, 2016 The post came in the wake of a shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, where 49 people were killed by a shooter reportedly bearing an "AR-15-type If you do not understand why I do not want a weapon designed to kill at that kind of rate of speed in my restaurants then there is nothing I can do about that.

How to Lube the AR15 Ep 1503 - YouTu

Sep 6, 2015 While I realize Slip2000 may have done better in the tests, it's more expensive and probably would not be as readily available in a SHTF type situation. jmho. If grease is gumming up an AR it's due to OVER LUBRICATION. It only takes a very, very, very fine film of Hi Temp Wheel Bearing Grease (NOT White

The AR-15, a Tool For Good. Nine Powerful Real Life Examples t

1 day ago Despite the multiple failures at multiple agencies that could have prevented or at least mitigated his crime, the fact that killer Nikolas Cruz did indeed employ the weapon to murder 17 students in a place they should have felt safe is incontrovertible. Which creates an ideal opportunity for the Left to employ

California Man Claims He Destroyed His AR-15 To - Bearing Ar

Nov 21, 2017 A man from Riverside, CA destroyed his AR-15 for news cameras, citing concern it would be used in a mass shooting. That's where Chad Vachter decided to destroy his AR-15…and do it all in front of the camera. One of Chad Vachter's prized possessions was a thousand-dollar AR-15 assault rifle.

All About Adjustable AR Gas Blocks - AllOutdoor.c

Dec 17, 2013 I maintain that an adjustable gas block is the most significant performance upgrade anyone can make to their AR format rifle. All things in the gas system must be in a zen state of balance, and generally on an AR-15 direct impingement system, they are pretty unbalanced, tipping gluttonously in favor of a

ELGES, Spherical Plain Bearings & Rod Ends | E.B. Atmus Co., In

ELGES is a brand of bearings and rod ends acquired by the Schaeffler Group (INA) in 1984 through the company's investment in Helmut ELGES GmbH, Spherical plain bearings allow spatial adjustment movements and, depending on the bearing type (radial, angular contact or axial spherical plain bearing), can support,

AR-15 cleaning and lubrication myths | masf.

Feb 8, 2016 This can be caused by weak springs or carbon fouling on bearing surfaces. The AR-15: the sunset of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban in 2004, combined with daily images of this iconic platform in Iraq and Afghanistan, led to a massive increase in interest and ownership, which created a demand for new

The Lethality of the AR-15 - The Atlant

Nov 9, 2017 It should only be used on fur bearing animals where you specifically don't want to do much damage. And when a 16 yr old kid starts hunting deer he better have learned that an AR 15, shooting .223 Remington calibre, is ILLEGAL BECAUSE IT LACKS KILLING POWER and leaves wounded animals.

Elftmann Tactical | High Performance AR-15 & AR-10 Drop-in Trigge

Elftmann Tactical manufactures high performance drop-in triggers for AR-15 and AR-10 rifles in addition to other innovative firearms accessories. Our unique design is like nothing else on the market featuring aerospace grade sealed bearings and adjustability without the need for special tools or removal of the trigger from

The Gun-Grabbers Don't Care About the AR-15 -- They Are After Al

1 day ago That is generally considered to be a laudable characteristic in a bullet and is central to what follows. From The Atlantic What I Saw Treating the Victims From Parkland Should Change the Debate on Guns. The author is a radiologist…but whatever. Routine handgun injuries leave entry and exit wounds and

FACT CHECK: Did an Ohio Schoolteacher Lose an Eye in a Fidge

May 19, 2017 A Columbus, Ohio English teacher lost his eye in a fidget spinner accident. In May 2017, fidget spinners, which are toys originally developed to relieve stress that are made from a ball bearing with metal prongs that can be poked, spun, and How Long Does It Take to Buy an AR-15 in the United States?

AR-15 Owners Explain Why They Have Their Guns - ABC Ne

Jun 15, 2016 "Usually, mine are for competition shooting or target shooting," Owens said of his AR-15, adding that he also has "one set up as a home-defense gun." "The reason they're so popular is, one, they come in a wide range of prices. You can have them brand new for $500 or up to $2,000 to $3,000, depending

Why I abandoned the AR-15 Rifle | SOFREP - SOFREP.c

Sep 4, 2017 That being said, I can no longer place any confidence in the AR-15 to defend myself in a time of disaster or urban unrest. To protect myself and my family, Bearing grease, lithium grease, motor oil, 80W 90 gear oil, the tears of liberals, the blood of unicorns, you get the idea. There is a scene in the video

Can a .22LR cleaning rod damage an AR15 barrel? [Archiv

Out of all the non specific gun lubes that people say they use, I don't recall anyone saying they use wheel bearing grease. for the love of god, do not!!!, never put a 22lr rod down a .223 barrel or vice versa, it will only result in a new rifle, or more rifles!!!. it's like never date a hot mexican chic, just don't do it.

Lignum Vitae: Wood So Bad-Ass, It's Used to Make Shaft Bearing

Jul 17, 2013 The USS Nautilus isn't an anomaly; Lignum Vitae has been used as propellor shaft bearings in conventional ships, and hydroelectric plants dating This factoid came to us by way of Rob Wilkey, Core77's newest guest writer, who will shortly be breaking down the properties of different species of wood.